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Jun 27, 2019
My duck flock has been outside in a fenced in run since I've had them and I would like to let them free range around the farm so my question is how do I go about doing that? They will come when I yell " come on ducks" and they usually go right into the duck run.
I have never let them out of thier fenced in area only when I have them go back and fourth to go inside. I would like to attempt free range with them but I'm not sure how I should go about doing that, one at a time or just let all 10 out together?
will they be free ranging inside fencing? If so feed them inside their pen only and try off an on during the day to call them inside by putting their favorite treat into a can or container with a lid call them or whistle but what you start use every time so they recognize it as something special. I whistle and mine come running from foraging in half acre away so start by letting them see the treat inside their penned area. Shake the can as you walk away whistle or use a special word when they all gather give them a reward. Then start doing this outside their penned area especially in the evening so they get use to coming in for late afternoon treat. You can train them. Also if they will be foraging in a fenced area work on herding them. Main thing is routine they thrive on it. Same as us! lol
They free range in fenced area, when I call for them they listen and come. I want to let them loose out of fence so that there is more grass for them and there is a pond as well that they swim in instead of the kiddie pool. I will try what your suggestion is. Thank you
Training them to come is going to take time so start inside your fenced area first then gradually work on outside. especially since it isn't fenced. And that pond might be your problem getting them off of it so you can close them up for safety. But keep their feed inside their pen and only feed them there. Late afternoon after they have gotten use to you training them to come with sound and treats use it only when you want to put them up. That way they know when you call them they are going to get a reward. @MIDuckLady has a pond and she locks hers up every night maybe she can also tell you how she gets hers off the pond.
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