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5 Years
Jan 16, 2016
New Jersey
Unfortunately I built my coop before I fenced in my yard and the way we have our sheds and coop set up we couldn't run the fence around the coop. So when I'm home and free range the chickens I have to chase, catch, and carry to and from the yard. Can anyone think of an easier way to transfer them from coop to yard and vice versa? Picture of the set up attached


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I'd just turn 'em loose after they've been in the coop a while, maybe a week. They should come back about dusk to where they're acustomed to roosting. Mine did, anyway.

I'm afraid to just let them out since there has been day time coyote and hawk attacks on my street. If I can't catch them in the woods I would be very concerned. My husband is also concerned about building a permanent "chunnel" as this could be a way for a predator to get in at night. Maybe I can figure out a way to make one that isn't permanent with a flush mini door built into the big door (think doggie door) that I can hook the chunnel onto when needed....definitely food for thought!
They know what a gubblies bag rustling sounds like lol but they don't hold still long enough to catch them while eating the treats. Maybe if I'm more consistent and do that every day.
If I understand correctly... You could build another fence around the coop, or get a dog lot to run from the coop to your gate. The latter are very configurable.
Just get a long stick. Shake the goodies can to get their attention and pour a bit of goodies in the door of the yard that you want them to go into. Let them out, and then just stand with them between you and the gate. This is a case of slower is faster. Just tap the ground, and say "Hut, hut" when the birds moved away you, hold still. When the birds stop moving, just take a step toward them tapping the ground, moving slow, when they start to move you stop. It is called pressuring, and you want to apply just enough pressure to get them to move, but not panic.

If one bird tries to go the wrong way, just tap the ground in front of them, if one gets by you, just leave them, just keep working on the main flock. Once the flock is in the yard, eating the grain, go back out and get the straggler, who will head directly to the coop.

Just make sure that to move away from you, makes them move in the direction you want to go, and to move slow. I can move my flock quite a distance in a pretty short amount of time.
When that chain link gate opens, how close to the coop does it come?
I'm assuming it opens towards coop and not into yard.
Attach some fencing to edge of gate to block birds from getting between gate and coop,
you'll have to be careful not to short out your hot wire,
then just open gate and run door to funnel them into the yard.
You could also build a block/fence out of wood attached to coop for gate to open against.
Course there's no guarantee they will stay in the fenced yard.

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