Free ranging peacocks....pea pen needed??


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6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
I plan on keeping my peachicks in a pen on my property for at least six months before letting them out to free range. Once they are free ranging, will i still need a pen for them? Do they come back at night to roost (like chickens) or do they end up making their own roosts up in th trees (or on top of house)?
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Depending on the type of predators in your area, I don't know that letting them roost on roof or in trees would be a good idea. There are peacock threads on BYC and you would get the best advice there. Put "Peacock thread," in the search box or check out "other backyard poultry" forum to find posts on them. I know I have seen them when I browse the website, usually they have gorgeous pictures of the different color birds and also pics. of very young peas etc.

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