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    Aug 28, 2013
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    I currently have six chicks that are only a few days old. One is a rooster. I want to keep him. We have a run ready that is 84 sq feet and a coop being constructed that will be 20 sq feet. The run is sturdy so the chickens will have ready access to the run at all times.

    We live on 2+ acres of agricultural land with neighbors on both sides with similar plots of land. Is it still "free ranging" if I let them do it for only certain times of the day? Can I train the chickens to go back into their run whenever I want, or does it have to be on a schedule?
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    Jun 4, 2013
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    You can entice birds anywhere with treats!!!
    Yes you are ranging even if only parttime
    They will go into coop automatically at dusk
    They really are smarter than you think!!!
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    Yes, free ranging means they are out of the coop and free to go where they want. I have my hens trained so that I pull out a scoop with a bit of feed and they come running. It could be anything. Good luck!
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    Easy, put your feeders in the run and they will go there to eat in evening, and then just retire to the Coop at dusk, on their own. They are creatures of Routine. We have almost 2 acres and thats what they do- wake up go out and free range, come back in the eves to feed and go to bed in the coop (they even come and go during the day to lay in the nest boxes in the coop)....
    It helps though if you have something watching over them for predator control-- ours are Jersey Giants, and the Roo is very large, and protective, and we also have big dogs that are loose and protect them....

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