Free Ranging Successful sort of


Aug 13, 2019
Turnersville NJ
My free ranging went great..sort of.

They come home and finally enjoy my company after countless google searches on "Why do my Guinea Hens hate me". They now know I provide protection which gives them comfort.

I lost one to a hawk first full day out and have hung cds, fishing line, a fake owl and a disco ball (using the mentioned methods here to deter hawks) and haven't had a problem as of lately (Not saying it will never be an issue in the future. Its just working for now) so thank you.

Now my problem is...they go into a neighbors yard which is perfectly fine except a few hop a fence to another neighbors and then become panicked and start the war cry. Well I know my neighbors were going to hate me but I hid in the house and let them try to work it out for themselves. 4 hours later I gave in again and helped them all reunite. Will they figure this out eventually because it's not easy to help them out of this and I'm worried about other obstacles they may face.

Next: One hen got killed on the same fence, his foot got caught and maybe panicking killed him, Im not sure but sad to say he was dead. The hens have been staying in our yard for the past few days. So my question is will this incident teach the hens to avoid the fence? Do they learn from accidents, I would like to know his death wasn't in total vain.

They seemed to learn after the hawk incident to take more cover which was very needed. So the first one to pass was a hero to me.

Lastly: Why do only 4 of my now 10 birds seem to actually know how to fly?

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9 Years
Jan 24, 2014
Buffalo Wyoming
I think all of them know how to fly but mine walk most of the places that they go. Guineas are VERY dumb about fences. They can easily fly over the fences but will walk along it for hours not knowing how to fly back out. I've had to rescue quite a few of them over the years.
I think they do learn to some extent. Last year a pair went over the fence to the neighbors pasture and spent the rest of the day walking the fence line. It stormed and the wind blew and I left them there until evening. When I finally had to catch them with the bird net they were cold and wet and very hungry. They've never gone back to that pasture since.
I'm sorry you lost one of yours. If there is a way they can get hurt at least one of them will find it. :(

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