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    Mar 6, 2014
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    Our four ladies free range in our small backyard- plenty of room no pesticides used back there since we moved in over 2 almost 3 years ago so there are lots of bugs for them to eat and the occasional crab apple that falls from our neighbor's tree. I give them a nice chilled local organic watermelon on our hot days and sometimes they get left over pot roast on the rainy ones. We live in salmon and trout country so I was wondering if this would be something else that they would like? I get whole trout from time to time and several at that. Would this be something I should remove the bones from and cook? Give raw? would they like the heads??

    Being in the Pacific Northwest we have all sorts of goodies and I dont want to contribute to them getting fat or anything (the one store bought treat they get daily is a handful of mealworms to share in a treat ball...but I do like spicing up what they eat :)
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    Fish are good. My grandfather used such before nutritional requirements worked out enough to make complete formulated diets.

    Be careful with scent left behind of other guest will target your chickens.

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