Free Rouen duck pair... I think I have a buyer on CL. Thankyou anyway.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ARose4Heaven, Feb 7, 2011.

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    1 year old pair hen/drake Rouen ducks. Free for the taking. The drake has some sort of yellowish yucky stuff round his eyes, but is otherwise healthy and bossy with my chickens. I have tried cleaning his eyes, but really don't know the right thing to do for it. They are just Beautiful birds!

    If you are close enough... come get em. I have decided that they are going to go in the freezer camp soon, rather than have him suffer.

    I would rather rehome them, since I don't like duck meat, and folks round here don't like the eggs.

    I love and spoil my chickens...but ducks have turned out to just not be my type of bird.

    Edited to add....

    I am also posting these on my local Craig's List, but will not be free there.
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    Sure hope someone comes to the rescue!! [​IMG]
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    Most likely an easy fix for the eye problem....give him a tub of water deep enough to dip his entire head about a week or so he should be better. If not it many be something more serious.
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