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    I have a pattern for a saddle with instructions for free if anybody is interested PM me with your email and I will send it to you.

    I know howthere guys treat their women and they shouldn't have to suffer the pain of claws digging into their backs several times a day. I got this pattern from somebody on this site and I would love to pass it along to others in need.

    This size fits my RIR, wydonette, barred, buff and sex link. I have 1 Jersey Giant that they don't seem to bother that much so I have never putone on her but I'm thinking it would fit.

    If you have bigger birds I would just make them a couple inches bigger. These go under the wings and the elastic straps go around the wing where the Shoulder would be if they had any. You can make adjustments to the elastic to fit your birds. This length seem to fit mine fine.

    I did switch to the bigger snaps becsue two of my girls seem to have figured out how to unsnap them. I'm going to try them out today.

    I change them when they get very dirty too.

    Just PM me if your interstedd with your email address or I will send it through the post if you prefer and again this is a free service. There are people out there that will make them for you and they are very affordable. If any of you offer this service please add it to this thread for those that do not sew.
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    PM'd you.


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