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    I've got a cute little splash game bantam who's about two years old now. He's gotten a bit too fiesty with my mom and dad so he's got to go or I'll be digging a hole for him in the backyard! He would make a great breeder bird. He's never gone after me but he does like to run over and see what I'm doing when I pick up his girls. I think the pecking order between my two roos might have changed and that's probably why he's gotten fiesty lately!

    I live in Hope, NJ and I would be willing to meet within a half hour of where I live. I raised this guy as a pet, so I'll be sad to see him go, but it would be better than "doing the deed" here at the farm if anyone else can find a use for him! He's white with black and grey splashes. Very tiny, and very tall. I can get pictures too! I just have to fit it in around work.

    I also have six baby dutch bunnies for sale. I'm asking $10 a piece OBO. They are black and white and I have three males and three females. Very tame! They will fall asleep while you are holding them. I'd be willing to make a deal if you take my roo too!

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