Free to Good Home, Not for Eating! Northern California


5 Years
Feb 5, 2018
Feather Falls, CA
I have 3 cockerels free to good homes. Not for your Dinner!! One is a Jersey Giant Mix, Jethro. Two are Americauna (mom)/Welsummer (Dad) mixes. Greybeard and Bill. They are all human respectful and Bill is relatively friendly. He lets me pet his chest when he's on the short roost during the day Even my 5 year old little grandaughter can walk in the free range area without worry. They will do no harm. I'm outside of Oroville, CA past Enterprise and before Feather Falls. We are Peppercorn Acres. If interested I can provide phone and address.

This is Bill.

Hello Bill.jpg

This is Greybeard (it's rather obvious!)

Greybeard small.jpg

And Jethro

Jethro small.jpg

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