FREE TO GOOD HOME: Two puppies, herding mixes, Central IN


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Apr 24, 2009
Tab, Indiana
This is Mozart and Lucy Belle. My neighbor's dogs had puppies this summer and my daughter came home with them and I just cannot afford them, nor do I have the time to train them properly. They are good pups, sweet, friendly, and Lucy is smart girl. Mozart, he's a boy, what can I say? Lol. Their father is some sort of double coated breed, looked like a Samoyed mix of some kind, with a black patch on his eye and a patch on his back. He is such a sweet dog. The mother is a collie mix of some kind. She isn't the big Lassie kind, but she has the classic collie look, but with the dark coloring, brown, black and white. The pups don't look like either parent, lol. They came out looking like Border Collies, so most likely one, or both, of the parents have Border Collie in them. I have kept them around other dogs, cats, kittens, and chickens, and Lucy does well around the chickens, she ignores them completely (chooses to munch on their feed with them), and if Mozart is kept in check, he'll behave himself. He gets overexcited though and will chase and grab them. He responds if he gets yelled at for doing it. I am not exactly positive of their birthday, but we've had them since about July and they were about 6 or 7 weeks old then. I've been trying to find them a home for awhile. I have reached the point where they will have to go to a shelter if someone doesn't want them. They are sweet dogs, so cute. Here are pics of them:

This is Mozart. He is black and white.


Here is Lucy:


And here are the two of them together:


If you are interested in one or both of them, please PM me A.S.A.P. I want to find them really good homes as soon as possible.

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