FREE UPGRADES - Image Size and Upload Limits Increased!


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Pictures are a HUGE part of our wonderful community! Our members have uploaded hundreds and thousands of pictures of their chicken coops, chicken breeds , and so much more!

We'd love to be able to offer unlimited image storage space for all our members, but until either Facebook or Google decide that they want to put their resources behind raising backyard chickens, we'll need to have limits on what we can provide.

Fortunately with the support of our Sponsors and our Golden Feather & Platinum Poultry Members we've now been able to make some great upgrades to our system!

Today we changed the following:

Image Size Limits:
We use to resize any image that was larger than 640x480. We've now almost DOUBLED that size! Now you can really show off your chickens, coops, etc!

Total Upload Limits:
We knew that with larger image sizes our members would fill up their upload space about twice as fast. So, for this reason we've DOUBLED the total image storage space for all our members and increased the storage space for our GFMs!

We hope these upgrades will help all our BYC friends share even bigger and better (and more) pictures with everyone!

(a note: It is still a good idea to resize the pictures on your computer before you upload them to BYC. That makes it way faster to upload for you and can also make them a more optimal size for viewing online)


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Thank you, Nifty! That upgrade must have JUST taken place because I uploaded some photos in a series just a little while ago and when I posted them, suddenly some were MUCH larger than the first one!

That's wonderful - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



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This is such a FABULOUS resource for the backyard flock owner. We are so lucky to have you doing this for us! I've learned SO much here. And pictures are a HUGE part of that learning.

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