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I have a broody that just hatched out 7 eggs. They spend most of the day running around in the cage with mom. Mom seems restless and tries to get out of the cage. The cage leads to the coop through a small door, then outside to freedom. At what age do the chicks have to be before I open the door and let them and mom out? It is quite a journey from the cage to freedom. The cage door is 24" above the coop floor. Just below the cage door is the door that lets the chickens out. I have a ramp that droppes 3' to the ground into the run. I will have to install a ramp into the coop for the chicks to climb down to the floor. All opinions are welcome. Thanks John
I let my mommas take their babies out at 3 days old. This little amount of time allows the last to hatch get it's legs good and strong and ready to go.

We have a fenced back yard, so I can let them go without worring too much. I never put momma and babies in the run with the rest. The other birds cause momma to much stress trying to protect her babies.

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I have let my chickens hatch out, keep and raise the biddies with the rest of the flock but they are bantam Cochins and a family oriented bird. They have raised other chicks for me but thought they were their own, Jersey Giants and standard Cochins.
At this time I have a large white Araucana chick in the coop with the Cochins and all the other birds (about 80) from the neighboring coops come in to chat and check out the feeders. Three of the Cochin hens are good at keeping an eye on the chick and making sure no one bothers her. She is 4 weeks old and was hatched and raised right there amongst all of them.
The chick can go out to free range if she wants to but I believe the Cochins won't let her yet. They are good about being protective and the open front on the coop allows her to see out, get plenty of sunshine but still be protected inside with lots of room to play.

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