Freeze CX After Brining or Processing?

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Jun 17, 2011
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DH and I have processed about 8 birds in the past two days. Can I brine the ones we do tomorrow for 12-24 hrs., stick in freezer then let them rest 4 days after thawing for use? Or, better yet-- could I send them directly to freezer after processing and brine/rest after I thaw for use? We are running out of refrigerator space.
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If they are cornish x at 6-8ish weeks old, they only need a day or two of rest time. The longer time is more needed for old birds, like a year or so
That includes brine time, if you choose to do so (nor super necessary for tenderness, more for flavor if you choose for cx birds).

Thank you, mine are 7 weeks, 6 lb dressed average so far. I thought you had to brine for 12-24 hrs and rest i fridge for 4 days after the brine. You've been very helpful Booker, thanks!
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We soaked ours in cold water for 5-8 hours after processing and then froze. They were 9 weeks old. They were great, super moist when we thawed and ate them. I cannot imagine a brine would mean you would have to rest longer.
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Rigor mortis is RIGOR MORTIS ( stiff as a board )
... each bird has to go through it or it will be tough !
Let the bird rest in a refrigerator at least overnight.

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