French Copper Maran or Black Sex Link?


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Sep 22, 2019
0F6D4DFB-C51A-4713-91EC-634BA6032FB8.jpeg 4E3863D9-2F32-4729-BEA6-B253756A592F.jpeg We have 4 hens that lay, but I cannot figure out which breed 2 of them are and which one of the 2 is laying dark brown eggs. Google searching is dangerous and only makes me more confused. is this a black Copper Marans or French as they apparently sell them or black sex link?!
I have similar looking hen, she lays brown eggs "not dark brown". and they call them black rock hybrid, I think they just look similar to black Copper Marans
E63B46A5-A4D6-420E-B84B-7968DF39251C.jpeg 76FBF2FE-117F-4A4A-8572-001543B647D9.jpeg
They lay dark eggs. Marans lay darker. Post a picture of the eggs.

That is not a maran, but a black sex link.
Ok, I’m trying to figure out if she is laying the dark ones or if this one is...I also don’t know what she is. This is what happens when kids pick out chickens. Haha

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