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    Nov 29, 2009
    I'm a newbie backyard egg-laying-chicken raiser. I've searched these forums and I can't find anything to answer my question (nor on google - maybe using wrong key words but thought I'd give this forum a try). So, here it goes...

    I am a vet tech part-time, and one of the vets I work with who raises homing pigeons mentioned that maybe eggs should not be collected from hens on a daily basis. For his homing pigeons, the more often they lay it stresses their bodies - so if he collects an egg, he puts a fake egg in the nest so they don't feel forced to lay again immediately (the males apparently peck at the ladies to make them go back to the nest if it's empty). He said he didn't know if the same applied to chickens, but collecting the eggs every day could be "forcing" them to lay again the next day, and essentially putting constant stress on their body. It kinda makes sense, but then again, chickens are meant to be egg-layers, aren't they? Won't they pop one out daily even if there is a nest full of eggs? Just wondering if anyone know more about this. We have nine young hens and one is laying daily now. I don't mind putting a fake egg in the nest(s) if it means less stress and possibly prolonging their egg-laying career -- we're not planning on making money off of eggs - just a hobby. Any scientific knowledge available? Can anyone recommend a good place to get fake chicken eggs?

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    Chickens are quite different from pigeons - especially in this regard. Feel free to take the eggs daily, less chances of the girls breaking and eating them.

    They *should* lay every day, but depending on the breed, time of year, amount of sun, feed, et cetera they can lay every other or every three days.

    Fake wooden eggs can be purchased from a craft store, like Michael's if you have them. Empty nests won't stress your birds though - the wooden eggs are helpful to 'remind' the girls where they should be laying their eggs.

    Best of luck!
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    Aug 4, 2009
    You can get fake eggs at almost any feed store. I used them and golf balls but don't think my girls needed them .I took them all out .My girls can be free ranging two hundred yards away from the coop, but when its time to lay. its a mad dash for the nest box!
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    Jun 29, 2009
    I don't think it stresses them....
    I know if you leave eggs in the nest too long you promote egg eating and broodiness.
    Egg eating being the worst!
    Chickens are not the same a pigeons, and even pigeons only lay once every so many hours regardless of the male's attentions.
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    i ovulate once a month, man or no man around.

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