Fresh air chicken coop


Apr 15, 2013
Hi Everybody,
I am new to chickens and I have 5 columbian rocks x reds hens coming as day old chicks in about 3 weeks. I want to build a fresh air chicken coop. I have found all sorts of plans but don't know which ones would work for me. I live in northern ontario up by winnipeg. We sometimes get as cold as minus 40 C plus wind. usually we have stretches of around minus 25 C on a regular basis. I am not planning on free ranging them I would like to build a large pen that I can move about (possibly with a coop attatched). Any ideas on plans that would work well for me ? I am looking to expand the number of chickens I have next year or possibly getting a couple of turkeys so I wouldn need adaquate room to ezpand a little bit. Thanks for any input !
A Woods coop would be ideal but is quite a project. Old fashioned coops often were simply rectangular buildings with one wall missing -- even in cold climates. I love to see this open design for coops, even for the north, but especially where I live. I'll give you a link to a thread about hot weather coops -- which of course are simply open air coops. Perhaps some of them will give you a useful idea.

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