Fresh egg is ROTTEN


Jul 18, 2016
I have a chicken problem! Please help!

we have had chickens for years and normally maintain a flock size of 20-30 free range. eggs are always delicious, yolk is perky and white stands up.

We have two colors of eggs so likely two chickens that have been laying ROTTEN eggs. The eggs get cracked and yolk comes out broken. Yolk is sometimes darker than normal and one was GREEN. The stink was terrible. Some eggs smell worse than others. All bad eggs have broken yolks and some smell.

Everything I read seems to lead to a bacterial or fungal infection of the ovi duct. When that goes into a search engine you get "lash eggs" "E-coli" "salmonella" and "Salpingitis". It looks like any issues with their reproductive ducts are usually caused by an infection.

I have a few questions:

1. Once I identify the chicken(s) I know I need to cull them. Do I need to cull the flock? Should i medicate the flock? Vitamins? Vaccinations?

2. what causes this infection? whats it called? how do I prevent it? is it more likely in older laying hens?

The chickens have a fairly clean coop and we collect usually daily. Sometimes we find a clutch in the barn or under the goat house and those eggs usually just have a flatter yolk from being older. All hens appear healthy. The coop was cleaned yesterday and my husband said it had a "different" smell than usual. We use DE to dry manure.

I haven't had the stomach to take a picture of these eggs. it just made me want to

Thanks in advance!
They have been moving around a bit but their clutch locations don't vary too much. All the shells were perfectly intact. The shells might be a little harder and sometimes a bit waxy on the outside.

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