Fresh eggs that are all liquid inside and smell horribly ***HELP***


10 Years
Apr 26, 2009
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
I need the experience of the chicken community on this one. Over the last couple of days, we have noticed that a few of the eggs that we gather in the morning, are nothing but a yellow liquid with orange chunks in it and it smells horribly (brings new meaning to the term "rotten egg". This morning we discovered two different eggs with a bluish/green liquid in it and once again, the smell was terrible. It is across at least two species because we have discovered it in a blue egg as well as a brown egg. Does anybody know what is going on? Fingers crossed I don't have to do something to my flock and this can be solved by another means.... Any and all suggestions, guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you!!
I've only ever seen what you're describing in very old eggs, never fresh ones. Are you 100% sure that they are fresh? Are they perfectly clean an newly laid "looking"?

They sound rotten
Are you sure they are not old eggs that you missed? There are some causes of egg quality problems and causes here that may help you figure it out:

Scroll way down for yolks and albumen problems.
I read somewhere recently about a certain bacteria or fungus causing blue or black inside the egg. I will try to find that again.
The egg this morning could have been old but the rest appeared to be fresh - within 12 hours.... I will get a photo of the next egg that is like this. Thank you all - keep the suggestions coming!!

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