Fresh grass clippings


10 Years
Sep 11, 2009
Poland, ME
My hens are caged in their run. We don't let them free range because we have 25 of them plus we have a lot of chicken hawks around.

I do want them to have access to the grass so I thought maybe I could throw in a bunch of grass clippings after hubby has mown the lawn.

Is this ok?
Yes you can and they'll love you for it!!

as long as not weed killer or anything like that has been used then you should be okay no once they get bigger you should be able to free range the girls since I don't think a hawk can carry off a full size hen.
Be alert for crop impaction problems, too. When a hen is grazing, she clips off bits of grass with her beak. She can't do this with pieces of grass that have already been cut, so she's left to slurp them up like noodles.

Which reminds me...that's exactly what one of our hens did with a small grass snake she spotted yesterday. First she picked it up and whacked it down several times to kill it. Then ....slurp!

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