Fresh Hay


7 Years
Nov 14, 2013
North West Indiana
I keep reading on different sites that rabbits need fresh hay. How do I know if it is fresh? I've seen bags of hay in pet stores but is that fresh? When we got our 2 rabbits, we were given 2 bags of timothy hay. One is unopened and the other is just missing a little bit. Thanks
Rabbits do just fine on commercial rabbit pellets. You can give rabbits hay if you want, but they don't NEED it.
I have to disagree about the hay. Rabbits should have access to a good amount of Timothy or orchard grass hay. It's even better if you can combine the two. It is important to keep their bowels moving properly and also to help maintain good dental health. Hay cubes just don't cut it in that respect and pellets alone don't provide enough fiber to aid in either of these two things.

Fresh hay probably just refers to hay that has not been sitting around for a long time. The hay at the pet store should be fine. Hay that is fresh may have a slightly sweet "hay" smell to it and will not smell musty or be too dusty.
Thanks so much Chickerdoodle. I checked out the bags of timothy I have and they do smell sweet. Leon and Fern thank you too.


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