Fretting yesterday...EGG TODAY!!!


11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
Spring, TX
Today, blessedly, we found the most perfect, most beautiful, most perfectly-formed medium pink-brown egg in the nest box. I screamed, I jumped up and down, I cried.

I fried it. DH and I ate it.

We are content.

My pullets are the best girls in the world!!!
congrats on your first egg
Its great everyday! These wonderful little gifts that taste so wonderful. Our first came last Friday...we got #5 today. I think 4 of the 18 have now layed their first.
It is terrific to hear others getting eggs. I let mine out this morning and got a surprise too, but it wasn't an egg. Our cochin started crowing like a rooster! I went back inside and my wife knew right away what the sound was for sure. I guess I should have paid closer attention to her when she was picking them out. We are still waiting for our first egg.

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