Friendly or Dominating Behavior?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by greenckick, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Jan 9, 2012
    I have a great batch of first chicks, 3 BOs and 2 Dominiques. One of the Doms, is my son's new BFF. She will let him carry her around the yard and they "hang out". She even takes rides on his battery operated John Deere. So cute.
    But my question is about one of our BOs, Belle who my hubby and I debate every day whether the name should be Belle or Bob. This chicken is only slightly larger than the other 2 but the comb and waddle are much more developed and darker red at only 8 weeks old. So we are constantly looking for signs leading us to a Roo or an Egg-layer. A new behavior has developed and I would like your opinion on if Belle is being friendly or dominating.

    When we sit or bend over Belle will jump up and hang out on mine and my son's shoulders. No pecking, no scratching just walking around up there. [​IMG]When I go to shoo her off she perches on my hand and sits there until I shake her off or set her on my lap.

    So is she displaying dominance or getting friendly?
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    Good choice of breeds - both are calm birds & you should not have any aggression problems.

    First - a buff orp with a red comb @ 8 weeks is definately a rooster. A hens comb will not turn red until she is laying eggs @ around 6 to 8 months. A roosters comb will be red right about now.

    As far as agression - doesn't sound like it - but.... allowing the bird control of you or allowing the bird to decide when it can & can't sit on you will cause him to get agressive. Its great to carry them around - it shows them you are the boss. Its not the best to let them jump on you uninvited. It shows them they are the boss.

    It may never show agression, but is showing dominance. Best to nip this early & take control of him now.
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    Posting some photos of your chicken in question would help. Even amongst hens, some develop a little faster than others and can confuse us.

    Doesn't sound like aggressive behavior, but it's your property and your body, so your decision on when/how to be sat upon. [​IMG]

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