Frist egg 3 days ago now no eggs


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Sep 4, 2015
I'm a new chicken owner wr have 3 chickens my oldest chicken that is around 6 months old had her first egg egg 3 days ago and we havent see anymore. We live in Texas where it can get cold at times. Is this normal having one egg 3 days ago now none ?
New pullets will lay erratically when they first begin, so it is normal to get an egg, then not for a few days, then odd looking eggs, until their egg tract settles into regular laying. You also are in winter time with shorter daylight hours which will effect the consistency of the simply won't get as many eggs per week in winter (shorter daylight) than in spring/summer. Birds need 12 hours to start laying but 14 hours to laying consistently. (Artificial lighting can help if you desire to speed up the process...while others prefer to follow the natural rhythms of the birds).

Also be on the hunt for eggs laid in odd places, another trait of new layers. Salting the nest boxes with fake eggs, ping pong balls, or golf balls will encourage laying in the nest boxes and not underneath bushes or somewhere you don't want them.

Thank you for the great information. I put a ceramic egg in the nest box and she layed her first egg in there .

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