Frizzle Chick: How to Tell?

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    Oct 15, 2007
    How soon can you tell if a chick has Frizzle? And what do the first wing feathers look like?

    There's a random chick in the bin who's wing feathers almost look like they're twisted, kind of like my Silkie's did when it first got feathers. Its about a week and and a half old, Buff color, feather legged, white skin.
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    The frizzle I picked up started feathering out wing feathers that curled up at the ends. I thought it was angel wing because I didn't realize it was a frizzle.

    See pictures in a post I made on this thread:

    Edited again to say, the chick in that picture is a Roo! [​IMG] I still have him.
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    u start to see it within the first week, usually about 3 days or so. as soon as they get long enough they curl backwards. with frizzles u can have smooth frizzle also, not all will frizzle look but will still be spit for it to carry the gene to the next generation.
  4. Hi!
    I can see it at about 3 days.
    Look at the very wing-tips and you should be able to see a bit of a curl to the new feather coming in.
    I love frizzles [​IMG]

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