Frizzle feathering issue

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    Hi guys,

    My hatch of chicks which are now five weeks are all doing really well, no fighting or health issues other than our two frizzle Pekin chicks. We think ones a boy and ones a girl.

    Both have bald patches on their backs. The new adult feathers are growing through as you can see all the spikey tips but I have never seen this before. I have seen no bullying or pecking from the other chicks and just wondered if this was something for me to be concerned about?

    This (I'm guessing is the roo)

    What do you think? Roo or pullet? I'm thinking roo

    The other one

    And this one I'm thinking girl

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  2. Long Last Farm

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    sorry, i don't know if this is something to be concerned about. I have a few newly hatched frizzles, and i was told not to mate the frizzles with the frizzles-- to only mate frizzle with smooth, or else the chicks may be "frazzled", with thin sparse feathers. Maybe this it what it is? [​IMG]

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