Frizzle gender


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
Highlands, Scotland
My frizzle (bantam cochin) is now 5 months old and not crowing but ive seen it do that dance that cockerels do to attract hens once. Does anyone have pictures of frizzle cockerels at the same age? Plus its supposed to be black mottled but doesnt have much white, will this come in later?

In my opinion, your bird is a pullet. The comb and wattles aren't that large for the age. Still, I've never had Frizzle Cochins myself, so I could be wrong.
I thought s/he was a pullet too till i saw it do that cockerel courtship dance thing, do hens sometimes do that to...?

I'm not sure. Sometimes my hens drag their wings on the ground when trying to intimidate other birds. Its not exactly the same as what a cockerel does, though. Who knows, you may just have a very masculine hen that acts like a rooster!
It's a pullet, a cockerel this age would have tons of skinny pointy tipped feathers all over the neck and back. Not as "soft looking".

Either it's a mottle with not much white or is from a line where the mottles are sparse when young and get better defined as they age. Mottle tends to increase with age, so for show if they show great mottling when very young, they tend to turn way too white when older. Or this is not really a mottle, but is a carrier.. very occasionally carriers will show a hint of mottling. Time will tell on this issue.

Yep females sometimes will do the wing thing when threatening another female. It's akin to humans throwing up a fist and saying 'Ya ready to step outside...?'

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