Frizzle hatching egg..6+

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    Apr 18, 2009
    Since I filled my bator (260 eggs!!) I can now sell some....

    I have 6 + extra if availavle Frizzle eggs. I will try to send atleast 7 if the girls work with me... :}

    (I also have JG eggs, BCM (Non booted), EE, and Silkies available if interested.)

    My roo is a BCM (Dad was BCM mom was a Frizzle Cochin, I think)

    Hens are 2 Jersey Giants, 1 White rock, and 1 Barred Naked Neck.

    I have been getting about 3 each day, I will ship these on Monday pending payment.

    These are some chicks I hatched out.


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