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  1. Chiickadee

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    Just a couple of questions for those in the know [​IMG]

    I got this Frizzle Rooster from a backyard breeder, I assume hes some kind of Bantam ( any ideas on his breed).


    Now my question is....... I read somewhere that I can't bread him with a fizzzle hen because they won't produce chicks????
    Another silly question.... can bantams service large breed Hens??

    I'm very new to this!

    Any info on Frizzle's is welcome [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2011
    If he's got feathered legs he's probably a Cochin- they're probably the most popular frizzled breed (though any breed can be frizzled).
    If you breed frizzle to frizzle, they will indeed produce chicks, that's definitely not the problem. What is the problem, however, is that the chicks from that pairing will get a double dose of the frizzle gene. Their feathers will be extremely brittle and they're usually bald most of the time because those brittle feathers break off or fall out. Not pretty at all.
    And yes, your bantam rooster can and will breed your full size hens (and pass on his frizzling to some of the chicks, but not all, if the hens are straight feathered. Which is how you want it to be).
    There is a whole frizzle thread in the Breeds, Genetics and Showing section. Its got tons of great info and pictures. Enjoy your frizzles :D
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  3. Chiickadee

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    Thanks Nikki [​IMG]

    I'll go check out the frizzle thread.

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