Frizzle vs. Sizzle?? What's the difference??


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Sep 17, 2014
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I've seen people advertise "sizzles" & "frizzles." Looking at some pictures, I've seen what appears to be silkies that look like they have curly feathers. But is there a difference between sizzle & frizzle specifically? Thanks for educating this newbie!
Frizzle is a gene found in a few different breeds of chickens that make curly feathers (so to speak), I do believe they are trying to establish a frizzle as an actual breed in itself though. A sizzle is a cross between a frizzle and a silkie. It's pretty much just a silkie that carries the frizzle gene. If you breed 2 frizzle gene chickens together you end up with a frazzle, which looks pretty cute but their feathers are usually very brittle due to the double gene which is why they recommend breeding smooth feathered to curly.

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