Frizzled Polish

They are out there. I got my first ones as chicks from an auction here on BYC. We still have a White Crested Black roo (bantum) and a pretty little White Crested Khaki hen from those. I had tried hatching eggs, but never had luck with them. I think the post office plays kickball with my packages

I bought a chocolate frizzled pullet at Crossroads in Indy this fall, and wouldn't you know, we hatched 2 chocolate frizzles just after that -- roos it looks like. They were probably from the Khaki Frizzled hen and our smooth Black roo.

To breed them, you want a frizzle with a smooth. Two frizzles together will give you a "frazzle" -- an overly frizzled bird. They don't look good, however, I've heard that they pass on super nice frissle-ing to their offspring (just in case you end up with one, you might hang on to it and give it a try.)

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