Frizzles growing back feathers?

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5 Years
Apr 27, 2016
My two year old frizzle has lost half of her feathers due to our frizzle roster, whom she grew up with. We got them both along with another roster last fall and the other roster died during the winter. She had all her feathers when we got her but in the last few months our roster Frank has been attacking her wanting to mate, even when she was broody and on eggs (none of the eggs hatched). If we git rid of him, (we have two new 3 month old rosters) would her feathers grow back? and would she be able to survive the winter?
Advice? Help?
She will molt in the fall and grow her feathers back. Unfortunately frizzle hens get their feathers broken off easier than regular feathered birds from mating. Getting rid of the rooster now, will keep her from losing anymore. Most hens will molt from August to December. My little frizzle hens have some feather lose too, it's normal, especially when there's a rooster.
Should I get rid of my roster? Will he just do this come next spring? I have two other young rosters, one of witch I do not want to part with, but I'm willing to get rid of my frizzle roster Frank if I have too.
If you ever plan to hatch eggs from her you shouldn't breed frizzle to frizzle as the offspring would be frazzled, their feathers are over curly and fall out really easy. Mating in chickens is never pleasant for the hen, but it looks like your current rooster pulls out a lot of neck feathers. I would probably try one of the young ones if you are willing to get rid of your current one, though only you know if your current rooster is too much and if you think the younger one might be better. All roosters are different.
I belive he actually is a Cochin because I've looked up pictures of them and the pictures look just like him.
My frizzles are bantam cochins. I also have so smooth feathered ones too. They are my favorite breed.

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