Frizzles, how are they made?

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    The lady I got my Silkies from had a GORGEOUS frizzle hen, and she had no idea how she was getting them, I had never seen one until I saw her. Does anyone know how they are made? Just curious. [​IMG]
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    they arent made, they are just a mutated gene that pops up from time to time, like silkied feathers....only the silkied gene is a recessive and the frizzled gene is a dominant....
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    As said above, so thus, it is often introduced into new breeds, too. (from crossbreeding) There are now frizzled Polish, Silkies, Seramas, Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers, Cochins, Houdans, Sicilian Buttercups, D'Uccles, and several other breeds I can't think of at the moment.
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    she gets them from the mother hen carrying the frizzle gene. the best frizzle is one carrying frizzle and normal genes as frizzle/frizzle will have poor feathering. this being crossed with silkies, she will get 1/2 frizzles, 1/2 silkies because the frizzle gene is a dominate gene.
    I have heard but I don't think its true, you can get frizzled feathered from 2 none frizzled birds.
    I find with my own hatches, I tend to have many more silkie feathered chicks then frizzled. not 1/2 and 1/2
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  5. GotGame

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    I have seen frizzled old english as well...

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