From pullet baby to 2 months old... any ideas?


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Apr 15, 2015
Highlands County,Florida
I started out with 6, then 5 now a bunch of new babies.... Lucia, Lita and Lena have grown into their white feathering but I am wondering what are they? Brutus (the surprise roo) and Big Bertha are Cornish X's.. but my 3 angels have yet to be truly named. I am also the Mother Hen to 5 new babies, 3 RSL's named Ruby,Pearl, and Opal.. a Polish Tophat (who I believe to be a roo now) named Phoenix, as in Simon Phoenix from Judge Dredd...(laughs look at the pics and get an idea who he is).. and this mystery black baby who I am adding in , you all might be able to help me with

Here's a picture of Lucia the lover, she is a lap sitter I wanna be held kind of gal..and yes, those are Sand Cranes from Florida behind her... they "talk" to each other

and the black baby, who has no name since we don't know if a pullet or roo....but I call it Onyx

Lucia, Lita, and Lena are White Leghorns. The black chick is a pullet and may be a Black Australorp.

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