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Oct 8, 2014
Hi, I have three chickens - a,silver grey Dorking (Violet), red blue-laced Wyandotte (Clementine) and a mottled Java (Aster). I got them as chicks from a local feed store, now they are about 25 wks old. My father started raising leghorns and quickly moved on to Americaunas and orpingtons and other pretty birds. So I guess you could say it runs in the family!
I've been reading BYC forums since I've gotten my chicks but now I have a question that I haven't seen addressed yet, so I thought I'd better join,and see if anyone else has a juvenile hen that has laid only one egg is 2+weeks?!
At any rate, I enjoy reading everyone else's chicken stories.
Sometimes it takes a while for a new layer to work the kinks out of their system. Laying can be erratic, or the eggs themselves may have soft shells, no shells, bumpy, funny looking shells etc. - normally this all straightens out after some trials. I'd give her more time before worrying about it. Does she free range? If so she may be leaving eggs elsewhere.
They are in the coop for most of the day, out for a few hours in the late afternoon and out most of the day on the weekends. Her first egg was on the bottom of the coop, next to their water. She sleeps in the nesting box, which I've heard is not a good thing but I'm not willing to "break her" of the habit so... I guess I'll give her more time and meanwhile pratice Easter egg hunting in my yard
Hello there and welcome to BYC!!

Yes, it does take time for a young layer to get her egg laying machine in gear and start to lay on a regular basis. However if she is sleeping in the nest boxes and pooping in there as well, chickens will not lay in boxes that are dirty. And they will head right out to the fields to make their own nest that is clean. So block off the nest boxes at night, open them during the day. Get the box all cleaned up, throw some mint or lavendar herbs in there to make it smell good and see if she starts laying on a regular basis. I have a feeling she is laying them somewhere else. Chickens or other critters could be eating the eggs as well.

Good luck and we do welcome you to our flock!

So glad you joined us.

Chek and make sure she has not gone broody or laying eggs elsewhere. One of BO was last of pullets to start laying and as soon as she began, she went broody..never would have expected it, but she did.
Welcome to BYC!
We're glad to have you.

You've received some good advice from the above posters.
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Welcome! I'm new too and like to see new questions that I haven't seen before. I won't answer this as so many others have that have a lot more experience than me. I'm in South Seattle. Actually SeaTac but don't want to be on this city's radar as they are so persnikity about peoples affairs even though they are legal here.

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