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May 1, 2012
At the feed store last year, we decided to choose a "grab bag" chick out of an assorted bantam bin. I think it also said "ornamental" but I don't remember for sure. Now it bugs me that I don't know what this little hen is. She looks like a blue wheaten ameraucana, but she lays just off-white eggs. Any other thoughts?
Looks like a Bantam salmon faverolles to me, but I am no expert. They should have feathered feet, I think, but I have seen pics of hatchery ones that don't. She sure is pretty
I guess that's where I'm always stuck...she doesn't have feathered feet. But I didn't know salmon faverolles could not have feathered feet (?)

Thanks for the idea though!
Yes, if hatchery. After looking at more, if she is a blue wheaten Easter Egger, that would make a lot of sense. Most hatchery ameraucana are actually EEs.
Thanks...that what I've been thinking, but I thought there might be something else out there I hadn't run across.

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