From turner to hatcher, set them how?

Hi Kate, IMO if you have empty egg cartons, set the eggs in them (pointy end down)
I did my very first hatch ever just 2 days ago and used the egg cartons, it prevented the chicks that hatched first from knocking the other eggs all around. and it made clean up ALOT easier after they were all done hatching. If you don`t use egg cartons, i`m sorry but i do not know the answer to how you should place them in the hatcher. good luck!! Tony
Most folks just lay them on their side. I have definitely found I have a higher hatch rate from the ones in the middle than on the sides, so we have been keeping them towards the center. Some people even use those fuzzy pipe cleaners to form a ring so they don't get rolled around as much when the chicks start hatching. Can't wait to hear how your hatch goes!! Good luck!!
I've started setting mine in eggs cartons and am having for the most part very good hatches that way. I used to just lay them on their sides in the hatcher. I don't think I'll ever do it that way again. I'm sold on putting them in a carton.
THanks everyone! Looks like they go from bator to hatcher in cartons! I have a ton of the egg flats from a local restaurant so I'll cut one to fit. By the way, Cyn,,,,,, these are your eggs! They go in the hatcher today!!
I use 5/8 flat washers from the hardware store. I lay the egg on its side in the hole in the washer, and it keeps the eggs from rolling. I also angle the big end slightly up.
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The rolling is definitely an issue, I had two hatch yesterday and one was so violent in knocked the end off of an egg that wasn't ready to hatch. I put plastic wrap over that one and it's still doing good so my fingers are crossed. I've lost just too many from others beating them up during birth.

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