Frontline and Scaley Leg


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7 Years
May 8, 2012
Red Bluff, Ca
For a while I was washing my hen's legs and then brushing them with olive oil and garlic (I know, my friend's have already told me all the chicken eating jokes, but she's not for meat) and that seemed to really help with her mild case of scaley leg.

I stopped doing that because it was impossible to do by myself and my husband isn't always around to help me. So I treated the whole flock with Frontline for cats. My new rooster came to me with a mild case of scaley leg and his seem to have cleared up. My hen is twice his weight so I gave her two drops instead of one. Her legs look BETTER but they aren't fully back to normal.

Some of her leg scales are still slightly raised and grayish while her healthy scales are all yellow and flat (She is RIR).

Could these scales just be scarred that way for forever? What else would you try if you were me? (I have already dusted the coops with DE with Permethrin which kills mites)

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