Frostbite feet?

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    Jun 20, 2010
    One of my RIR'd was somehow left outside last night - she must have been hiding under the coop - still can't figure it out as I went out to close them in and then back to get the waterer and usually as soon as anyone approaches the run they come running thinking you have a treat. I have noticed that she is pecked on her neck and definitely seems to have moved to the bottom of the pecking order -when I toss scratch the other 2 squawk at her when she tries to get some - so I always broadcast it wide so she has a chance.

    Looks like she could have frostbite on one of her feet - looks like her toes are all curled under and she is standing on one foot a lot. I have read here to soak feet, apply neosporin or bag balm, bring her inside etc. I have no place to bring her in - my dogs would freak out, and I have visitors coming to stay for the holidays - my house is small :) I can't separate her either. My coop is about 4' x 3' with no room for the feed and water to be inside. It is under a covered area just down the ramp and the water is heated - seems to be working well until we get hit with a snow storm. I honestly have never touched my chickens. Have had no reason too.

    Should I take a warm basin of water and try and clean the foot - doesn't make much sense to me as it is 25 degrees out there now at 10 am. Or should I try to add a light in there to warm it up a bit? I have also read here that they should be fine - I use the deep litter method and it looks like by the droppings that they are all huddled in the nest box lately. I just clean it out each morning before egg laying time.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    you might want to start doing a head count at night, with three hens should not be hard to do. If she is already low on the pecking order then when they see is "different" they may start pecking at her some more, do you have a dog/cat carrier that she can be put into with some hay/shaving, thick to keep her warm, you can put some vaseline on her foot to help prevent any more frostbite tonight, but she must be kept warm, inside and away from the others until she gets better. Good luck
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    There could also be something else going on with her, the other chickens can sense it and could be why they are pecking, I am sorry about your set up and space but I am afraid if you don't seperate her it will continue to go down hill, especially if she has a wound even frost bit feet. As far as her feet it will most likely turn black the frost bitten part and fall off after awhile, you can treat with neosporin but most likely the other chickens will peck at it. Do you have a dog crate that you can set up inside the coop that would keep her safe, and still with the group, also add some electrolytes or baby vitamins to her water for extra support. keep us updated
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    Is there a bathroom you can put her in for a while? Then maybe take her out after dark and stick her on the roost while everyone is sleeping? I have two dogs also. I put chairs up and a kids gate and then shut the bathroom door when I need to isolate one. Isolating her, checking the neck, watching to see if she's eating and drinking, and getting a good look at the foot is best done indoors. Sounds like she might need some supportive services to get back on her feet. Warmth, electrolytes, Food ,maybe supplements without having to compete with the others.
  5. cooleydooley

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    Jun 20, 2010
    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I only have 1 bathroom - so that won't work. I do have a cat carrier so may try that. I just gave her some warm milk - she seemed to like it. They always are in the coop when we go out to lock the door - and we can't see in there in the dark too well so she must have been hiding underneath - maybe the other 2 told her not to come in ;-) Will be sure to do a head count with my flashlight now for sure.

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