FrostBite? Or maybe injured? OR both? Not sure. Help!

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  1. Okay, so I have a 3 month old German Spitzhauben. Her name is Gretel. She is such a sweetheart. Never complains! When you pet her she falls asleep within one stroke. She does that tweety bird sound to! I couldn't live without her, so when I was away, my mom closed my coop up and counted everyone. Well, we were missing one. So she thought "Okay it was taken by another hawk." So she thought.

    She heard a sound from outside and went in the pen to see. She looked under the coop and she saw Gretel. Gretel not moving. Looked dead. So finally after calling her, her head popped up and she got up. She tried to walk to my mom but kept falling and chirping like it hurt really bad! Finally she got to my mom and my mom notice she was in really bad shape. Her feather half eaten and her foot not moving. It looked warped.

    She has blue feet so I cant tell! She has blood red skin, Not sure if thats normal or bruised from the other chickens pecking her. We try moving it, but she screams. She walks on her knee now and she is starting to wound her knees. she will bleed if this keeps up.
    We have her inside right now. She is eating okay and drinking okay. but sometimes she falls over into the food bowl and screams...
    I will post pictures soon. I don't know much about this and thats all I can give... :/ I hope y'all know whats going on!
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    Sorry to hear about this, it's always harder with a beloved pet.

    I have a few thoughts on this but of course can't say for sure... Anyway, perhaps a pelvic injury?

    Are you suggesting that she nearly froze to death when you found her, or was there some other reason she was lying down?

    Some photos might help.

    Sounds like an injury and symptoms like that generally benefit from being restrained to a small area, with room to move but not too much. She should have food and water within easy reach so she doesn't have to move far to get her daily necessities. Sometimes leg injuries and broken skeletons take months to fix.

    Best wishes.
  3. Okay, so here is Gretels foot. Her foot is cold and she can move her muscles but it doesn't physically move. Her skin on her hip is all dark purple. She is trying to walk on it but everytime she does, it curls up and she trips on her face.
    Her standing on it. ^
    same stance but side view.
    This is how she stands when she cant walk... she walks on her knees.



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    Can you post a picture of the bruised hip? Did she have a Mareks vaccine? I wonder if she got injured then coundn't make it in the coop.
  5. she came from a meyers hachtery
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    I'm wondering about Marek's as well. Although if she was older and lived through it as a chick, I would think that would have been the most dangerous time for her. Does she complain when you move her foot/leg? Or it is only painful and unstable when she puts weight on it? Poor girl!
  7. she so sweet. she knows we are trying to help. When we set her down next to us and we put our hands out she trys so hard to get to them and once she does she sits in our hand and sleeps. She sleeps allot. Her eyes color is normal btw.
    Here is her hip. Looks normal now... I think...





  8. It looks like the same color in the photos but, Its purple...
  9. I didnt know her skin was so see through... I can see her tiny bones!
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    I would say just keep her super warm. Only time will tell. I had my favorite buff polish suffer from a neck injury that she self inflicted and recovered in a week. It was pretty bad but usually you know how it is going to turn out in 2-3 days.

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