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  1. Keisha

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    Apr 27, 2007
    I have a rooster that is in with my hens in the coop full time, and he has a frostbitten comb. Im assuming that he was out of the coop one day that it was really cold and he was standing in front of the coop "protecting his ladies" when we werent here to close the coop door. Or it was when he was drinking and got it wet and then it froze. None of my hens have it though. But anyway, i was reading my poultry magazine, and there was an article in there about this, and they suggested that putting vaseline on the comb might help. I also read that when a rooster has a frostbitten comb he is usually infertile for a while. So does anyone know anything about this? Or how long he would be infertile for? I had planned on collecting some eggs to hatch for the local school ag class who are doing a unit on this in a couple months, and if he is infertile that isnt going to work.
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    If its just his comb thats frost bitten he shouldnt be infertil. Now if "other" parts got the frostbite thats a different story.

    petroleum jelly on the comb it used to help prevent frost bite, there is no cure for frostbite. By using the jelly on the comb it helps insulate from the cold.
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    Jan 30, 2007
    I have read also that a frostbitten comb can make them infertile for awhile...I'd check fertililty again on him by cracking some eggs from the hens in his pen in acouple weeks....if its really bad keep some neo-sporin or another brand of antibotic cream on his comb damage for awhile...also vaseline won't help what has already been damaged but will help next time to help prevent...
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    My Rooster Gert lost his comb completely one year and he did not lose his fertility. He was also 8 yrs old and extremely happy and healthy.
    I did what I could to prevent the frost bite, but it was sooo horribly cold that year there was nothing I could do. I even tried to put a small fleece hat on him that I had made.
    I always put vasoline on my roos waddles in the winter, this seems to help. But will not help the comb if it is a tall one.

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