Frostbitten Combs

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    Jul 6, 2010
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    I think my hens have a little frostbite on their combs...a few of them have a little crusty brown scabby looking thing on the very tip of the point of their comb...FROSTBITE??? and what do I need to do for that?
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    How cold is it where you are? I think you can put vaseline on their combs to help prevent the frostbite. if they are frostbitten, those parts of the comb will eventually die & fall off. A friend of mine had a Muscovy drake that lost both of his feet to frostbite one year but survived and lived a very long life, so even if your girls are a bit frostbitten they should be fine.

    ETA: actually, re-reading your post... if it's brown & scabby-looking it's probably not frostbite. frostbite turns the skin black, not scabby. is it possible that someones being a bully?

    Just in case, here's an article for frostbite:
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    If it is frostbite you can put betadine diluted with water on or neosporin to treat it. To prevent it I use petroleum jelly every night on the combs before they go to bed.

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