Frothy tan poo

Frothy droppings are commonly a sign of worms. Can you tell us about your worming program, the diet your bird gets, where he roams, etc?

If you worm, worm first with a mild wormer: Wazine 17% (piperazine 17%). Do not substitute the formula for dogs/cats. You'll worm as directed on the label for one day. Then withdraw all meat and egg use for two weeks.

During those two weeks, treat with probiotics. (Yogurt, acidophilus tablets from the grocer/pharmacy, or probios powder or fastrack powder from the feed store). Ask if you need more info on that.

Then after two weeks, either treat again with Wazine, or preferably use Ivermectin. I always use ivermectin for the second worming and twice a year thereafter. It's broad spectrum, but too broadspectrum and strong to use for the first worming.

If worms are causing the froth, it indicates a very STRONG load of worms. So you'll use the gentler wazine to kill most but not all of them. If all the worms died at once (like they would with ivermectin) it might kill the bird with shock.

In the mean time, tell us more about your bird so we can see if it's something other than worms, please.
P.S. Garlic won't treat for a heavy worm infestation. I've heard about using it inbetween regular wormings as a preventative. But if I were going to go that route, I'd be more inclined to use cayenne pepper or fresh-water human-grade DE (never anything less, never from the hardware or garden store). They're less likely to cause anemia.
Well all my girls free range in a 250 to 300 sq ft run/pen.

There in the woods and in the part of the yard. There food is the Dumor's brand you get from Tractor Supply Company. I was mixing it with cracked corn. I just changed that to whole oats. That is when I saw the change so that is what I thought it was from.

I change there water twice a day so that they have fresh.

I use wheat straw for there bedding.

The way you explain the way to do it sounds like it will cost me thousands of dollars for 31 hens and 1 roo and the 50 /3 month olds.

Did you say Cayennee in the there water or food?
Is it every single poo that is frothy? After 7-10 poos there is one cecal poo which is brown and frothy or soft or gooey-whatever you want to call it, it's not the normal firm poo. Maybe watch and see if this is happening before you jump to the worm conclusion?
Thousands of dollars? What?

As for the change to oats, make sure that your oats are less than 90% of the feed. Your Dumor - is that the pellet or crumble?

The change of feed might have triggered the change in poop. Good instinct. It takes one month for the bacteria in a bacteria-dependent bird to completely adjust. That's why during food changes (which = stress) I always give one little dose of probiotics.

Honestly - if you use plain yogurt, it's cheap. Cheap-cheap! One big container of generic plain yogurt will easily treat all your birds and then some. Wazine and ivermectin are cheap. Ivermectin will treat a zillion birds. It only takes 1-4 drops. Wazine treats the whole flock without even using a bottle.

Medicating a bird because you don't do these things - that's when it gets expensive. Especially as you lose birds and all the money/time/feed you've invested in them.

Cayenne will NOT treat them for worms, no. It's used after you responsibly worm them and give the probiotics to **hopefully** keep worm populations under control until the next worming.

You can try to avoid it and go cheap, but trust me and my 40 years of experience on this - you will pay in the end. Spend 20 dollars up front and worm them.
I was thinking more like the horse's and cow wormers not thinking that this is birds and will only take a little.

Yogurt can you mix it our just give spoon fulls and let them eat.

I have been outside all day and kept an eye on all my babies since if they see me around they want to know what I am doing and usually want my beer can.

There Poo is all the same no real discolor at all.

But just to be safe I want to know the correct measurement to give my birds?

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