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Mar 9, 2009
Skagit County, NW Washington
I have a trio of Welsummer's I was going to let the hens hatch a clutch of eggs, so started leaving the eggs almost a week ago. They have about 8 or so eggs in the nestbox so far, but last night it snowed and I wasn't expecting this crazy weather here in the Pacific NW. Now it's snowing again, and I guess I'll have to let them start over on the eggs when it warms back up again? I imagine they are garbage now?
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just because it snowed doesn't mean they froze.. did they freeze?

do you have at least one showing signs of broodiness? If not , pick up the eggs and use them for breakfast unless you have an incubator..

did one of the chickens sit on the eggs to keep them warm??

wait for signs of broodiness before leaving eggs
one showed signs of broodiness, then quit as soon as I left eggs
No, they didn't sit on them. They roost in the rafters at night.
I was told that when they got broody, they quit laying eggs - because when they were broody, they sat on the eggs and they started to incubate then..... I have an incubator, but it's got quail eggs in it now....
i live here in alaska and our eggs tend to freeze during the long winter months. we just let them thaw on the counter and eat them anyway. the yolk get really round and stiff after they thaw. the don't taste any different, but frozen eggs most certainly will not hatch.
I would collect eggs daily until you for sure have a broody. Going broody is a instink, and leaving eggs in the nest won't help her go broody.

Once you have a truly broody hen, then eggs can be placed under her for hatching.

All hens don't become broody, ones that do are a blessing.

~ bigzio
when I bought one of the hens last fall, she was broody at the time (one of the reasons I chose her!) and as soon as she got here, she decided not to be broody anymore and has teased me since. If I don't get a broody hen this spring, I'm going to get some silkies darnit! LOL

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