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    hi all! havent been here in a while. the last of my first flock are gone and we are going to get new chicks in april, which of course means one thing - where to get fresh eggs???
    i could never go back to store bought eggs again, so i found a woman who lives a few miles away who raises chickens, so i have an egg source untill i get my own eggs again.
    this is all good, but last time i got eggs from her, they had been in a refrigerator that sits outdoors (she does the "honor system" thing) and some of the eggs were frozen.
    my question - are these eggs o.k. to eat?
    we threw away any that had cracked open, and the others have thawed out in our fridge. it o.k. to eat them?
    thanx for the info. has been a while since i was here at BYC. the site looks very different, and is it just me, or does the site run waaayyyyyyy slower than it used to?
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    I don't know much about frozen eggs; we'll both wait for someone else to answer that. [The most I know is that when they crack, and get rinsed, then thaw, you can't see the crack anymore, but the water will have gotten inside, and the egg contents look really icky [​IMG] ]
    As for BYC looking different, and maybe being slower, well, that's because they did a massive upgrade just over a month ago. Check out the thread:
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    If the eggs were cracked before they were washed, I would throw them or feed to pets. If they have been washed, then froze later, they should be OK if you use them right away. The problem I have found with frozen eggs is the yolk, it gets hard, kind of like a soft boiled egg and even when it is totally thawed, if it froze really hard, the yolk stays that way.

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