Frozen to death

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    Jun 18, 2010
    I have this sweet, frizzle rooster who was bullied by the other chickens. They ripped out his pretty, curly feathers. So, one month ago I brought him into the rehab center and placed him into the pen with my twisted neck rooster, and my big ol' girl who has a tumor on her comb that's blinded her. He's such a gentle boy, he didn't really spar with the other rooster he was penned with. The trio were friends.
    On Monday I had decided on to put him back into the bantam general population since his feathers had grown in. On Tuesday, some of his feathers were gone. He was hiding behind the nesting boxes where most of the weaker hens and roosters stay when they need a break. So, I thought "well, he'll be okay, he knows what to do." Wrong!
    Yesterday, my husband took care of the bantam area in the morning and my son at night, so I didn't enter the coop. This morning I entered the area to check on him and found him behind the nesting boxes, completely void of feathers and dead. He was still warm, so he had died within the last two hours upon finding him because rigor mortis hadn't set in.
    You know something? My husband questioned me when I placed him into population. I confidently said he would be fine. But the little voice inside of me doubted this and I reasoned he could always be removed again. I should've checked on him yesterday evening. He would have been alive today. This is entirely my fault and I feel terrible. I feel neglectful. Always listen to the little voice...especially when it involves those that you love.
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    Jun 5, 2009
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    I think we have all been there and second guessed some of the decision we make.... I am sorry for the loss of your frizzle [​IMG]
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    Sorry [​IMG]
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    Oh, I am so sorry. Big big hugs -- I know you feel so so so terrible. These things happen and it is hard to say what the right thing is to do.

    On your twisted neck rooster -- is he getting vitamins -- poly-vi-sol without iron, Vitamin B, vitamin E. I would look into a vitamin regimen for him

    Again, big hugs,
  6. Miss Lydia

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    So sorry, I to have been there....[​IMG]
  7. pusskatkins

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    Jun 18, 2010
    Yes, my "Cloney" is receiving a vitamin regimen and has been for six or seven months. Although it hasn't restored his head and neck to a permanent upright position, he can keep his head up for several minutes at a time. Thank you for your suggestion and knowledge. It 's members like you that educated me on the vitamin therapy!
  8. pusskatkins

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    Jun 18, 2010
    Thank you all for your kind words.
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    [​IMG] These sorts of experiences are so difficult! I have had entirely too many tragedies when I didn't listen to the "little voice", so I know all too well the awful feeling you're going through. At least you tried to give your frizzle rooster a good life to the best of your ability. Sometimes the other chickens know there's something wrong with another chicken when we don't--it's possible there was something wrong with him that you simply didn't know about. Try not to beat yourself up too much. Learn from this experience, remember the poor rooster fondly, and try to do your best to prevent more tragedies when you can. We all have things like this happen, even if we're diligent. Your pain over this loss shows that you are a good and compassionate person.
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    Sorry for your loss as well [​IMG]

    Keep this rule from now on:

    When in doubt, take 'em out

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