Frustrated, scared out of my mind, and not doing well at being calm.

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    May 11, 2009
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    So 5 months ago I had a ct scan to check for a blood clot after my c section. They found lung nodules. Like 1 3mm and a few 2mm or less ones. I know statistically my chances of this being anything are low. No family history at all, never smoked, I'm only 35 and no work related risks. There is still that small chance and it is still stressful. So i managed these past 5 months to keep upbeat but the time came to schedule for the followup. I am nervous again as you can imagine. I call the docs office and there is no record I am to get a follow up, nor that I had a ct scan. Of course they did not know that when I first called because they could not find my medical records either. This is the frustrated part. This was a doc that got an award 2 years in a row as a top doc where we live. Ummmm seriously that cannot be right. So now I am waiting for a call that they can schedule this test. Apparently there is a question of the insurance approving it.

    I am trying so hard to keep my stress level low and to stay positive ( although the statistics on this one scare the heck out of me). But these people are seriously messing with my mind. When I first learned of the results the nurse called, I was given the wrong information and it was over a week of sheer terror. Then the doctor got mad because I asked questions when she said she would not worry about it. I am really getting angry about this.

    Just tired of being scared out of my mind and these people just act like the circus they put me through is normal. If it is, it shouldn't be.

    I could also use a bit of prayer that this turns out to be nothing. I keep telling God I need to stay here and finish up with the babies. And maybe some prayers that I find a better doc and stay sane through this process.
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    God bless you and your family.

    Hold your peace and HE will fight your battles.

    I always tell myself "This too shall pass." Even when it seems permanent.
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    Jun 23, 2009
    Praying for from Georgia -- I pray most you will find a new doctor. sounds like they are adding so much useless worry for you.
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    Based on your age/background, I'd guess it's nothing. They find 'stuff' all the time in preliminary tests, that after more testing, turns out to be nothing abnormal. Relax [​IMG]
    Oh, and I'd get a new doctor too for sure lol
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Did that blood clot break off and enter your lungs? This is called a PE(pulmonary embolism), did you have difficulty breathing? Those spots may be from that. 1 and 2 mm is really small, sometimes it can be contrast used to enhance the scan and extra concentration of the contrast can be found in blood vessels and can look like a mass and other non cancerous things(growths) can show up in our bodies. Hopfully one of these could be the cause of the spots. Sounds like your doctor is not being really clear to you, you can request a second reading of your CT scan from the hospital, sometimes another set of eyes can answer the question. I work in radiology and see this happen. I wish you well, but if you think something is wrong ensist your Dr. looks into this or get another dr.
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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Yea there was no embolism. I didn't think it was anything with my heart. I was complaining of fever, congestion, and chest pain with breathing because of the congestion. The doc had me take a blood test just in case and it came back positive. Whatever the blood test was it showed I might have a blood clot. They did the ct scan and found the nodules. I had pluerisy like a month before this and brochitis or however its spelled like 2 weeks before hand. I was run down and sick. My head says my risks are low but my heart is not taking it as well. This doctor stuff is just making it all worse. Everytime I talk to them I lose more and more confidence in anything said. Just so frustrated.

    I am sifting through primary care physicians now and trying to find someone. I probably won't switch till after the test though. I want it done and over with so I can either know the worst or relax again.
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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Sep 15, 2010
    Try to stay positive you have everything in your favour, oh that sounds so dumb, i would feel the same in your position i dont think anything anyone other than a doctor would be able to put my mind at ease. just know you have a web based community here all on your side praying and wishing you well.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If the office is close enough, I would show up on their doorstep and not leave until my questions are answered and I have a scheduled appointment ASAP. Nothing like a face to face rather than being a voice on the telephone. Sorry that this has happened to you!
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    My wife has those nodules in 30% of her lower right lung. They showed up on a CT scan of her lungs 3 years ago. I might add that my wife has scleroderma, the cause of these nodules. Her internist referred her to a pulmonologist and he was the one that reordered more CT scans semi annually to ensure the nodules wernt spreading. My wife has never smoked in her life neither and the nodules arnt cancerous. The nodules are status quo, not shrinking and not spreading which is excellent news. She's taking a slew of medications, but I think prednasone(sp) and methotrexate(sp) are keeping it all in check, not sure. Her pulmonologist is now confident that CT scans can now be given once a year which is great news. In your case it sounds like the nodules might be similar...I'm not saying you have scleroderma neither. But expect continuous CT scans to ensure there's no advancement of the nodules. If you have a PCM, I recommend you ask him to refer you to a pulmonologist. Dont stress out neither as this has an effect on your day at a time, no sweat. Hope this helps. I wish you the best and prayer sent.
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