Frustrated trying to figure out this coop design. HELP!

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  1. gale65

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    I am trying to figure out the floor plan and it's hard because I can't picture how big things need to be. We are making it 5' x 10' and the door has to be on the 10' side. The roost will be on the opposite 10' side because it's the side that we won't be able to access (there is a fence right there and it'll be right up against the fence). One 5' side will be connected to the run so it will have the pop door. I know I need windows on two opposite sides, which would probably be the small ends (north and south ends) so that we have good airflow in the summer. Plus I want the feeder on the wall since we're going to use either pvc feeders or the gutter style PLUS the feeders can't be right under the windows or else I'm afraid rain might get in and get the feed wet. So how the heck can I arrange it? This is what I have right now and I'm not liking the short length of the feeder. Each square is 1' and the tan is the actual coop floor and the pink ones are the other stuff. I may switch the feeder and walk door since our run walk door will be right there next to it. Is there an easy way to keep rain out of the windows but still allow for ventilation? We get rain with no warning sometimes and also when we aren't home to close windows. (plus as hot as it is in the summer I don't think closing them would be a good idea). Height will be about 6' on the tall side and 5' on the short (roost) side.

    btw there will be more ventilation. I plan to put in a 6" x 9' strip across the two long sides right under the roof and possibly the same (only shorter, obviously) on the short sides.

    If it matters the pop door is on the north side (run side).
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    If you have an overhang on the roof, that will keep some water out of the windows. The bigger the overhang of the roof, the less water will be able to hit the windows, as long as it is not very windy.
  3. Chicken.Lytle

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    A 50 sf coop is good for about 12 chickens.

    Maybe a 6' feeding gutter in the middle so they can access it from both sides? Of maybe multiple feeding stations?

    I have to put food in multiple locations to make sure the low status chickens get enough food.
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    If you would use a poopboard underneath the roosts, you slide the nestboxes over to the corner on the wall where with the third one being under the roost. That will buy you a foot at the high long wall and you can extend the feeder into the corner for two more feet.

    Or you could perhaps stack 4 nestboxes in a 2x2 arrangement to free up the long wall space for the feeder, although that might not work with the window, depends how big the window is and how high up.

    Alternatively you could have 2 shorter roosts on the low long wall, again freeing up that left upper corner for the nest boxes. I don't think it would be an issue with one of the roosts being over the popdoor. I've seen pictures of setups where the popdoor was under the roosts.

    Just some thoughts.
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  5. wava1vaughn

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    Hi from Ga. Your design looks fine. you can put an over hang above the windows To keep the rain out. [​IMG]
  6. Knock Kneed Hen

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    Feb 15, 2010
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    I have a similar set up. Two of the nest boxes ended up being under the poop board.

    Our winds blow from the east of west so I have vents on all sides in order to change
    them as needed. I'd at least add a row of vents on the front side along the roof. You
    can never have too many vents IMO. Keeps things dry and you have less smell.

    I think what you have is good though. It all depends on how user friend it is to YOU.
    I can collect eggs outside of my coop so I don't ever need to reach under the poop board
    to get to those nest boxes. If you don't have a way to collect them outside the coop then
    I'd stick to your design.
  7. Hawkeye95

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    I think it would be a great idea to put the nest boxes under your roost and poop board. A lot of people use that area for nests or for hanging their water and feeders under there anyway. It is wise to try to get the most out of your space- so you will free up your room. So far, I think your design looks great- I'd just move the nests and then you suddenly have a LOT of options! [​IMG]
  8. gale65

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    Thanks everyone. The only problem with moving the nests to the wall with the roost is that I don't have outside access to that wall. There's a fence right there and our grain bins are behind them and it requires a long walk to get there (due to the fence being longer than the run). That's the main reason I put the roost on that side-because I could use the whole length of it and because I can't get to it from outside (at least not below 4'-it'll be fine for coverable vents). I could, however, slide the nest boxes over to be partly under the roost (and poop board which I had planned to put in also). The nest boxes will have outside access for sure. But that would only free up space right at the window, which I am trying to avoid for the food. Maybe I could put some kind of braces inside to put the feeder up against that would allow the chickens access from both sides. That would help with the length issue.

    I do have another feeder that is outside. It's one of those bucket type where they hit the lever and feed comes out. But not many can fit at it either, because it's sitting on a piece of wood that sits over 2 cinder blocks.
  9. fiddlebanshee

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    Mar 11, 2010
    Frederick, MD
    Then how about moving the feed under the poopboard and the roosts. I have also seen a lot of coops with that configuration.
    Something like this?

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  10. gale65

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    The only problem with keeping the feeder under the poop board is filling it. I want something I can fill easily (I'm weak) and that will last a few days, at least. A week would be awesome. The water would be good under there though. I bought a bucket and nipples to use at some point but the board might be high enough for that too.

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