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11 Years
Jul 6, 2008
Hello. I'm venturing into something new and thought I'd run things past you all. I have for sale 2 table runners. They are from 100% cotton fabric, both backed with muslin, machine pieced and hand quilted. They are $35.00 each. Payment in the form of postal money order, please. I will include postage and delivery confirmation (in the U.S. only, please), but not insurance.

This one is hand quilted throughout. The center pieces are three different scenes. Measures 15" X 43 1/2 "

The runner below has three different chickens in the center of blocks. This one is hand quilted in the lighter color areas. Measures 19" X 50"

Thanks for looking.

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tamsflock, thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed making these.

Good morning.

I just sold a table runner I finished to a friend and we agreed on a different price than I was listing here.
I've changed the price on these two runners to $20.00. I love making them and I need to sell them. I just can't keep them all.

I'm working on a very pretty sunflower runner. I'll post a pic when it's done.

Thanks for looking.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I think your runners are very pretty. You might want to consider bringing them the the Chickenstock we are hosting August 1st to sell. The link is in my signature line. Where in Indiana are you? I may be interested in the red one
Thank you. My daughter says they are just right for our house.

I checked out the link you mentioned about the Chickenstock. I only got through a few pages, but will keep reading. I'll have to run the idea past my DH - it does sound like a fun time.
You are probably about 3 hours from us. We are upstate near the MI stateline, close to South Bend.

Thanks again.


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