FS Hatching Egg Assort $8 (EE, BO, WR, RIR, & BR) - IL ~UPDATED~

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Sep 13, 2007
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************** Only 2 dozen left... need these sold!! Lowered the Price. ****************
*** ************** We only ship on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays.*********************
******************We do this to avoid eggs sitting at the Post Office*********************


We have a nice assortment of beautiful girls laying. Currently laying are:

- Easter Eggers (lay nice shades of blue and green eggs)
- Rhode Island Red (lay dark brown eggs)
- White Rock (lay brown eggs)
- Buff Orpington (lay brown eggs)
- Barred Rock (lay brown eggs)

- White Rock Rooster
- Buff Orpington Rooster

Currently all of my chickens are free ranging together, so you will get some pures and some mixed. I can offer you a dozen Easter Eggers, all brown egg layers or a mixture of each. I ONLY have 2 dozen available this week but will have more next week and in the coming weeks.

Eggs will be $8 per dozen plus $10 to ship. WE ACCEPT PAYPAL. Our packages go through the USPS via priority shipping with delivery confirmation. If you buy more than one dozen, the shipping will be slightly less on the additional dozen(s). We pack very well, have custom labels on 3 sides to get the handlers attention and have yet to have a cracked egg. We include 2 extra eggs per dozen, just in case a postal handler gets a bit rough in spite of our efforts. Your eggs will go out within 48 hours of receipt of Paypal payment.

If you're not ready for them now, let me know when you want them and I'll put you on my calendar of orders. We ship on a regular basis and try very hard to accomodate our customers.

First responders get them! Good luck!


Just a tease.... we'll have Giant (standard sized) Blue, Black, Splash, and Partridge COCHIN hatching eggs sometime around May - June. These hens and their beaus came out of show stock and they are GORGEOUS! Look for my post around that time if you're interested or e-mail me to get on my waiting list.

We dust for mites twice a year and vaccinate yearly as well. Our chickens are very well cared for and are big, beautiful happy birds. For this reason we have never had a molt in our henhouse.
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OK ladies.... My hens have gone into mass production this week! I have 2 dozen (for sure) that I can sell this week and 2 dozen (for sure) that I can sell for next week! I've lowered the price to get them sold! I already have 146 chickens and loaded both bators full. My DH will just flip if I even consider keeping putting more in the bators!! LOL

$ 8.00 per dozen plus extras and $10 will cover Priority shipping w/ delivery confirmation and lots of packing!

No, I'm sorry I don't have. We only have the standard size girls. The elderly couples that we keep in fresh eating eggs have a fit if their eggs are too small. When my girls first started laying, I actually had a lady bring back 2 dozen eggs and say they were bantam eggs and she didn't want the little kid version!

We have a really large coop and 6 small coops with runs to separate our breeds into but we don't usually do late April. As wet as it is here, it may be May this year.
If I see anything, I'll be sure to let you know though.


~~~I still have 2 dozen available next week for $8 plus $10 shipping priority if anyone is interested. ~~~

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